Teacher profile

The college has more than 660 staff members, and 80 of the full-time teachers have intermediate and senior titles or above.The proportion of teachers with doctor's and master's degrees is 96 percent.37%, the faculty of the college is stable, the development trend is good, the majority of young and middle-aged teachers have become the main force of the development of the college, can better meet the needs of talent training, scientific research and social service work。

The school shares the high-quality teachers of Ningbo University, and has also hired more than 100 well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad, as well as senior technical talents and management talents in the front line of production as visiting professors and part-time professors。Strive to build a deep theoretical foundation, strong practical ability of the "double teacher" team。

Since running the school,The College adheres to the central position of education and teaching,Focus on the construction of teaching staff,By recommending excellent teachers to study in famous universities at home and abroad, participate in academic exchanges and cooperative research,Through the selection of teachers to the enterprise frontline practice,By actively attracting outstanding returnees to work in our institute,Through a series of measures such as the introduction of high-level talents as discipline leaders to ensure the coordinated development of the structure, quantity and quality of the teaching staff。At present, the faculty of our college is optimized in structure, excellent in business, full of vitality and brave in innovation, which has laid a solid foundation for the sound and rapid development of various undertakings of our college in the new era。